Current projects related to treeline ecology

  • sTreelines
    sDiv workshops addressing how to model spatial patterns at alpine treeline using individual based models (funded by sDiv, the synthesis centre of iDiv, Leipzig)
  • Alpine-treeline spatial pattern as an indicator for climate-change responses
    Research project developing and using an individual-based model to understand spatial patterns and dynamics of treelines globally
    People involved: Maaike Bader and Lukas Flinspach (PhD student), University of Marburg, Thorsten Wiegand, UFZ Leipzig (funded by the German Research Foundation, DFG)
  • GTREE: The global Range Expansion Experiment
  • Past projects

  • MRI Synthesis workshop (2017, Jaca, Spain)
    Workshop addressing how to study spatial patterns at alpine treeline and how to increase international networking
  • Climatic constraints and vegetation effects on germination and seedling establishment at the alpine treeline (2010-2016)
    Experimental research project, with the field site at the Lautaret alpine botanical garden in the French Alps.
    People involved: Maaike Bader, University of Marburg, Gerhard Zotz, and Hannah Loranger (PhD student), University of Oldenburg (funded by the German Research Foundation, DFG)