Meetings and events

Upcoming meetings and events

  • MRI Anniversary Lecture, online, 28 April 2021
    The stories that alpine treelines can tell - interpreting spatial patterns of treeline ecotones
  • 5th International Mountain Conference, Innsbruck, 12-15 Sept 2022
    Very likely with a treeline / mountain forest workshop again!
  • Past events

  • 4th International Mountain Conference, Innsbruck, 8-12 Sept 2019
    With a treeline section in the Future of Mountain Forests Workshop, see this news item
  • Perth III: Mountains of Our Future Earth; Perth, Scotland, 2015
  • Perth II: Global Change and the World's Mountains; Perth, Scotland, 2010
  • Perth I: Open Science Conference - Global Change in Mountain Regions; Perth, Scotland, 2005
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